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By walkingMarj

Wrap up warm!

After an early morning flurry of snow, the wind was up and I thought I would not be going for a walk. There was a brief hail shower during the morning too.

By lunchtime, it was lighter and looked more promising. I donned winter walking gear (only omitting the thermals) and set out for a walk from home.

I'm photographing the horsechestnut regularly so I can see how the buds open and the flowers develop, but my blip today is my neighbour, Ian. He lives in the old Methodist chapel next door to me and restores very old furniture.

We spoke from a very good distance apart. I used a 90mm lens and this image has been heavily cropped, so you will see that we observed the rules. It's nice to have a chat now and then.

This morning a really old friend (!) David came through on FaceTime. It was a wonderful surprise. He was in Southampton and we were in Northumberland. We had a long chat and then I took the iPad so that Mum could join in. It was very special.

My extra was nearly my blip. I walked past a house in Lincoln Hill and I love their rainbow. When I came home from my walk, Mum had started to paint one of her own.

We were late with our candle tonight. I was listening to the Archers and it slipped my mind. Two are now lit.

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