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By HeidiAndDolly

Lockdown Day 2 - The 2m Cones

I went to Waitrose today to buy food for 2 neighbours who are self-isolating. There are queues of course and it took about 30 minutes before I was allowed into the store. That’s really not too bad especially on such a sunny warm day.

These cones are set up closer to the store, 2 metres apart, and they are where we must stand, staying apart from others while we’re waiting. They are allowing only 35 shopping carts/trolleys to be used and the handles are being disinfected between shoppers. Gloves were available but I had my own. All other trolleys are chained up and, interestingly, shoppers who don’t need to use a trolley are allowed in without queuing. I wonder if that will last. I have no idea how other supermarkets are dealing with restricting numbers in the store. It was very calm in the store and there were very few gaps on the shelves. There was plenty of toilet paper!  

One very welcome part of Waitrose shopping today - Waitrose let every shopper choose a bouquet of flowers as they left the store. There were so many still left over from Mother’s Day last Sunday. I picked a bunch of white roses but passed them on to one of my neighbours.

The days start off cold but by lunchtime we’re having some very welcome warm sunny weather. I’m taking advantage of the warmth and have been doing jobs outside including clearing out and tidying my garage, with a few breaks sitting in the sunshine. It feels delicious!

I’m waking up very early these days which I welcome. But by the evening I’m ready to collapse and was in bed with lights out soon after 9pm.

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