There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

In Which a Great Tree Falls

We had amazing thunderstorms, with lightning and heavy rain, on Saturday night. My husband and I looked out the master bedroom window to see the backyard starting to flood. When it rains heavily, sometimes we get a river that runs down through the yard and past the shed.

And indeed, the water was starting to rise. So we took a look and then we went back to our James Bond movie (movies being a source of comfort in these stressful times). And as I was sitting on the bed, watching the film, I suddenly saw a mighty tree fall! Boom! In less than two seconds, it was down!

And so we put our shoes on and our rain jackets, and ran out through the woods to see. It turns out that the tree is one that stands at the edge of our woods, on a neighbor's property. It fell directly into their yard.

It was raining like crazy at the time, and of course, I wanted a better look. So on Sunday morning, when it was merely drippy, I ran out with my camera to get a few photos. And this was one of my shots: the mighty tree, uprooted, looking very sad, lying in the neighbor's yard.

Now, for the record, let me recap this past year, which has featured SEVERAL fallen trees in our neighborhood. First, there was the neighbor's weeping willow that fell in July. It took out power ONLY to our house!

Second, there was a large tree that fell in our own yard, taking out power and creating a mess that it took us at least two weeks to get cleaned up. My husband and I were sitting on the front porch watching the storm when THAT tree fell, so we had front row seats. I can't believe I'm saying this but it was amazing and scary and awesome to witness.

And now there was this one, which I sat and watched fall from the comfort of my very own bed. It feels like I'm at the center of some kind of weird nexus. Do they say that weird things come in threes? Are we done now, falling trees?

The soundtrack is a tune by Tom Petty, Free Fallin'.

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