Where the bee sucks....

A bitingly cold north-easterly wind made parts of my daily perambulation really very unpleasant. But out of the wind, in sheltered corners, the sunshine made it feel quite pleasant. I headed down to the riverside path, which was relatively free of other people, and where willow and poplar catkins were much in evidence. The low temperatures meant that insects were rather few, but this queen Buff-tailed Bumblebee had clearly been busy gathering pollen, and was stopping to refuel with nectar from these female Osier catkins.

Later in the afternoon I ventured into Waitrose to stock up - the first visit time for just under a week. There were few other shoppers and the shelves were mostly well-stocked - pasta, flour and rice were somewhat sparse, but there was masses of toilet paper. The day finished with a tasty roast dinner, and yet another film!

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