While on my runs

By waipushrink

Day Six; Raising the mist

Early this morning I had to try and electronically vet my tax return and then electronically sign it and electronically return it to the accountant to lodge with the Inland Revenue Department before the end of March. I almost managed it, but had a phone call after I got to work to say I'd missed some signatures. Was able to deal with those as I'd taken my MacBook to work for another purpose.

The other purpose is that when I'm not at work I haven't been able to access anything but emails. Now, after the good work done by my ex assistant (he's now becoming a project manager for the Mental Health Directorate, and will be excellent at that), I can bring up my DHB desktop screen and do anything that I can do there, at home.

We had four new admissions to see today, as well as those who were already in. Quite a busy day overall.

So I was pleased that as I rode along Domain Drive at the end of my 'commute', I stopped and took a photo which fairly shows what I could see. A young couple far across the sportsfields and beyond them the mist rising from the cold dew covered grass. Through the trees behind the rising sun has cast a soft apricot hue.

The number of new cases of Covid-19 infection fell today, but everyone expects that there will be a rise again over the next week. I had the first patient whom I think has responded with a suicide attempt in response to the stress and isolation. That is likely to increase also.

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