The second half of life..

By twigs

Day 7 - Ouch

The number of cases seems to have remained steady though I feel like we're teetering on the tightrope.  One bad move could be disatrous.

Speaking of bad moves, I set to some serious garden tidying today.  All was going well until, after about 2 hours of bending down and leaning over, I went to stand up.......

'Ping'......something in my lower back didn't like it and it's left me now in quite a bit of pain and struggling to lean over even to get anything out of the freezer.

Good job I'd taken a few pics already, though I had hoped to get a much better one of wee Merv here.  Ah well - it'll have to do as it's the best of a very weak bunch. 

Hoping to get a restful night's sleep and waken tomorrow with full mobility restored and pain disappeared.  Yeah right!

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