The second half of life..

By twigs

Day 6 - Signs of autumn

Some good news - the number of new cases dropped from 76 to 48.  It's most definitely NOT a sign we're through the worst and we could well leap up again tomorrow, but it feels very positive.

Sat out in the cool morning air this morning, though I'm told that 11 degrees is actually quite warm!  It's all relative I guess.  Found myself listening to almost the full first meeting of the COVID-19 Epidemic Response Committee chaired by Simon Bridges.  On a good day, I'm not fond at all of Bridges as he often seems to be all mouth and bluster.  It must have been an exceptionally good day today though as I eased my view on him and thought he actually did quite a good job.  It was very interesting listening to the 'workings' of a committee in action though it was slightly unreal as all members were tucked away in their own worlds and participating via video conference.

Didn't get out today for a ride and didn't manage to make the cheese I was going to.  I'd better make tomorrow a did day rather than a didn't day like today.

Stay home, stay safe everyone.

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