The second half of life..

By twigs


Yay!  Wood stacking all done and dusted for another year.  I am a little concerned though as I don't think I have has much wood as previous years by quite some margin.  Could be the way I've stacked it - let's hope so.  I certainly don't want to run out!

Took the opportunity whilst I was hot, sweaty and dirty to do some soil sifting and shifting too.  The council repaired the wonky front footpath but not so the mess they made of the berm in doing so!  The soil has sunk which has left up to 2 inches of fall along the length.  It took a good few scoop-and-sifts to get enough topsoil down there hence me getting even hotter, sweatier and dirtier.  A worthwhile effort though I hope.  Next on the shopping list is some grass seed......

Lingering shower then popped down to see the caterpillars are all ok.  There's a new J-boy so I may get lucky and see him in his final moult.....and this chrysalis has darkened off quite a bit.  I love that you can clearly see the wings of the butterfly in there - not too long until he  rebirths as a beautiful butterfly..........

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