The second half of life..

By twigs

Mrs Feral

Another surprise for me - I was actually in bed at 9.40 last night!  I don't remember the last time I was in bed in sigle a digit hour - I'm usually such a night owl.  Anyway,the early-to-bed was probably the reason I woke - wide awake! - at 5.00am.  It was sooooo cold I struggled to entertain the idea of facing the day early and I dropped back to sleep again.  Next thing I knew, I was wide awake and it was 8.30am!  Wow - that was an 11 hour sleep.  I guess I must've been a bit more tired than I allowed myself to consider.

A super slow morning which involved plentiful coffee and some drone lessons.  By the time I eventually left the campground it was close to midday........a good job it's only 59kms to the next campground I planned on staying at. 

It was such a great drive, meandering at snails pace, admiring views, stopping for pictures and a little exploring.  At one stage this wee thing ran across the road a few metres ahead of me.  I pulled to a halt and watched as it crept back down the hillside towards a bush.  I guess it's a feral cat - it does look pretty skinny - certainly not something I was expecting to see through here.  Pretty cute though eh?!

Stopped at a wee bridge that I thought would look good viewed from directly overhead with the river and trees adding some texture and colour, and there began my frustrations.  Got Mr Drone out, fired him up but the remote controller wouldn't connect to the craft.  This was exactly the same issue I had recently when I returned it to the  retailers, only to find it apparently worked perfectly for them.  Try as I may, I could not get the two pieces to speak.  They'd chatted quite happily this morning when I was learning more about it and its worked perfectly last night when I flew it for fun.  This afternoon though - nothing but beeps and flashing lights.  I'm going to try again now in the van (no - I won't be flying it in here!!) - fingers crossed for a good result.

Looking like it might be another super early night tonight, and not only because it's the end of daylight saving tonight. And just in case it's as cold as it was last night, when I do go to bed, the windows will all be left closed and the spare blankies will be at the ready :D


PS I see this image as a practice for when I go big game shooting!

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