The second half of life..

By twigs

Re-take on an old riddle.....

How much wood could a wood stacker stack if a wood stacker would stack wood?

Answer: Not enough.

I'm still going to need another couple of hours or so again tomorrow.

Wood stacking to me is one of those jobs that I really don't enjoy...... right up there with JT's ironing...... "Oh, how I .........."!!

To be fair, the first hour or so wasn't stacking - I began by firstly moving the remains of last year's wood so I can access it more easily and burn it first. I didn't give myself the best conditions either as I didn't start the job until late morning by which time the late summer sun was pumping out quite some heat. I only did about an hour of the 'real' stacking so I guess that wasn't so bad. If I was fitter too I'm sure it wouldn't be quite so onerous........ there's a hint in there I think! Still, the only part of tomorrow I think I'll enjoy is the final piece being placed on the top of the pile and the refreshing drink to celebrate.

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