The second half of life..

By twigs

Day 5 - Estuary

Yesterday when I rode round this area the tide was in, kingfishers could be seen siting on the wires and the water was flat calm and reflecting the pylons beautifully.  Must do better with my timing!  Either that or take my camera with me each ride.  Today I tried the latter......slightly harder riding, not least because I was acutely aware of the consequences to me and camera if I came off.  Still, it was good to stretch the legs even if only for a very short ride.

I also braved the supermarket today for hte first time since lockdown began.  My tentative goal is to do just one shop per week and Monday seemed like a reasonable day to choose.  As I'm sure many of you have discovered already, it's a whole new experience, certainly the weirdest shop I have ever done.

Before I left the car I donned a pair of latex gloves.  I was stopped at the entrance and asked to 'join the queue'.......oopsie - first error!  When it was my turn (there were just 2 people ahead of me) I was offered a spray of sanitizer which I accepted, even with the gloves on.  The supermarket was eerily quiet - strict shop rules of '1 person per trolley' meant that no-one had anyone with them to natter to which seemed to keep people very quiet.  Everyone was very careful about not getting too close to anyone else.  At checkout I was asked 'Do you want me to pack this for you?', something that is usually a given.  Checkout people all wearing face masks and gloves plus each checkout now has a perspex divider between customer and attendant.  And yes, there were some empty or very lean shelves but on the whole, it was pretty well stocked.

Yes - a very odd shopping experience indeed.  

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