The second half of life..

By twigs

Dewy signs

Cooler mornings = dew.  Whilst this wasn't a true dew, the droplets that form at the end of these Californian poppy leaves are just a warm-up to the real-deal.  Yup......winter's walking this way.  At least it's only walking, not running (or worse - sprinting!)  Won't be long though..........

The chimney had its annual clean this morning in preparation for the big light which I hope won't be until May.  I was surprised to see just how much soot came down the chimney this clean.  The nice man did say that he'd usually fill maybe a bucket and a half in a day doing about 12 or 13 cleans.  He took three-quarters of a bucket away after my clean alone.  His figuring was that burning pine was probably the issue and given my recent purchase of a lot of old man pine, that's something that's not going to be changing for a year or two!  Hmmmmm......I don't want any repeats of this so to be safe, I may need to have a second clean during the burning season.

And the rest of the day was spent making more relish..........l-o-t-s more!  A good hot one this time......though not so hot it'll cause a fire ;)

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