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By steveng

The New Normal (widwed010420)

In our village the parish council and church have set up a network of volunteers willing to help with collecting prescriptions, shopping, or perhaps just someone to talk to. 

Gill and I have volunteered and along with 8 others in our part of the village, we divided up our section, distributed contact cards and sorted out a contact list so we know who is doing what.  Today we had our first couple of requests,  one to collect a prescription next week and one for shopping - toilet roll!  

Gill rang around the shops and Sainsbury in Wellesbourne offered to put a couple of packs aside. We drove over this afternoon, did our own shopping and dropped off the loo roll one the way back.  No great effort for us but it is easy to hear the relief in someone's voice when they know there is help available. 

Of the 8 in our group,  we had only met 2 previously so the interesting part has been getting it all set up by email and phone calls.  Very glad someone has thought to kick this off now - before any of the volunteers become sick or have to self isolate.

My blip is the trolley shelter at Sainsbury, the nearest I'll be getting to a town for quite a while :-)  Barriers provide a queuing space and tape on the floor inside guides people to keep apart.  No flour, no hand soap and no dairy free spread, but most things were in stock and customers were being sensible.  I think we are very fortunate to live in one of a few large(ish) villages where the pressure on the local shops is not too bad.

In the extra - home schooling!  Rachel decided to do some mathematics and DT with James today.  He has measured his teddy bear,  organised the results in a table and then made a sleeping bag.  I can just imagine how much he would have enjoyed the sewing machine part :-)

Thanks to Freyjad for hosting Wide Wednesday.

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