Lost in Thought

By steveng

Slip Slidin' Away (DS187)

Out for our daily exercise walk, we went up to Little Kineton where there is a picturesque post box next to a duck pond - in the extras you can see Gill drawing the post box and the results of her efforts.  This is part of the village art club challenge and might be described as blip for artists.

While she was drawing, I walked on a little further up to an old barn which I have cycled past often, but never stopped to blip.  Each time I see it, there is another sloping repair although, thankfully, those oil drums don't appear to be leaking, yet.  A good subject for Marlieseke's Derelict Sunday

Gill's limerick for Rose's poetry writing challenge ....

There was a young lad called Steve
Who wiped his nose on his sleeve
When this got too manky
His mum said "use a hanky!"
His reply was to use the other sleeve!

Radio 4 has an item each morning where someone introduces and reads a poem they find uplifting or comforting. This morning Sophie Raworth read These are the hands by Michael Rosen.  He is in critical care, she read it for her neighbours & friends who work in the NHS,  quite appropriate for today since we can go out to applaud the key workers this evening.   You can hear her read it on the BBC news www site - it is quite emotional.

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