Is it Wednesday?

As all says are blurring into one, I’m relying on young Mr PHL to keep me right as he’s on calls with colleagues all day so should know what day of the week it is!

Didn’t sleep so well last night and woke feeling pretty tired - a berocca tablet seemed to help and I was feeling more myself by lunchtime. Mr PHL headed to the supermarket and came back pretty impressed with the organisation - he said the shelves were pretty well stocked and the only thing he couldn’t get was flour.

Did a fry up of leftover potatoes and the bit of steak not eaten on Sunday with some onion and green pepper which we had with fried eggs at lunchtime.

Out for my walk before making dinner - aubergine Melanzana for myself and Miss PHL and pork steaks in a tomato sauce for the menfolk served with rice and veg. Quite tasty.

Watching Iron Man 2 tonight - having bought Disney+, we’re working through the marvel films in chronological order.

Thank you for comments, stars and hearts, will catch up again tomorrow.

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