By Stella2


We went for our walk this morning once the sun had come out.  There were less dog walkers around as well which is good when you are looking at the wildlife.  I was mindful of todays abstract Thursday challenge of repetition and decided that there was a lot of colour and shape repetition in this scene, including the swans.

Interesting when you walk a similar route almost each day how you notice small things such as where specific birds are and of course the changing seasons if we end up in this lockdown for sometime which looks likely.

This evening I watched an online photography talk as our photography club was invited to join in with Exeter.  They had Victoria Hillman speaking on macro photography and wildlife.  A very good presentation which I had missed when she visited our club earlier.  We had a five minute break at eight so we could all join in the appreciation clap for all NHS and other essential workers helping during the pandemic.

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