Our new online world

We are less than two weeks into total lockdown and suddenly our lives appear to be shifting online not just for shopping.
My physio rang me to see how I was getting on and offered to do a Skype call if I wanted her to go through some exercises with her.
Then she added that her 81-year-old mother was now doing her yoga classes online thanks to Zoom.
This afternoon an artist friend in Dunblane did a live video streaming on instagram inviting us all to participate.  I got as far as asking a question, not sure what else I was supposed to do.
Another friend rang wanting to do Face Time. She is perfectly happy with the medium thanks to regularly Face- timing  (is that a new word?) her grandchildren.
Oh yes and this morning I was told to “Shhh!”because M was taking part in a committee meeting on Zoom of a local charity of which he is treasurer.
This week Scottish Ballet launched a series of free online classes for people of various abilities including older dancers.
How are other Blippers finding this new online world?
And will it remain once the lockdown is removed? According to the latest on telly tonight it could last a year and half- until a vaccine is found.
I took advantage of the Himalayan giant lily seeds, or cardiocrinum giganteum, still standing in the garden, in the garden for todays blip. 
Thanks to Ingeborg for hosting todays abstract  challenge “repitition."

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