Spring garden

Walking around the garden at this time of the year is like looking at daily minor miracles as plants come to live again.
Today it was the McCabe rhododenron…
A native of northeast India, around Bhutan and Assan, it is very tolerant of sub zero temperatures and the specialist garden centre assured us it would do well in Scottish gardens.
Except we planted it in the wrong spot. It hates the sun. 
Only when it was moved under the shade of some big trees did it finally flower.
I am getting used to the eerie silence that has descended on the countryside and the absence of people and cars from our road. 
This morning I did  my first instagram live streaming with an artist in Dunblane and I asked her how she was coping with the self-isolation and she replied:
“Well, its not that much different from my ordinary day.”
And that’s it. Artists are used to spending large chunks of our days in isolation in our studios

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