twinned with trumpton


A tilt at overtime; nailed half my weekly allocation and sneaked out to swap soup / get a hoover cable. 

And then to finally get the boys back. Exuberant, bouncing, demob happy. We strolled down the hill, barely noticing the changed days from when I last saw them.

And so it continued throughout the remainder of the day. After two weeks of just me and feeling rubbish, now I'm back, fighting fit it's good to have them here and bounce off the bounce they have brought.

So lunch, injections, sorting xbox games, swapping tales and jokes, dinner. I'm trying to get Tom to do the cooking - a straightforward spaghetti bolognese (the sauce was already made, courtesy of Her) so he measured pasta, heated sauce etc. Baby steps and also gives him both distraction and responsibility. 

Afterwards we did the daily exercise; we took a football to Wardie playing fields and did a crossbar challenge before walking home again; and onto the sofa etc

Rehydration after the daily exercise

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