By dunkyc

Timing pt2

You would think that someone who does the job that I do would have an inherent eye for detail and a head for numbers. Sadly, this is not always the case and it continues to remain a mystery to me as to how a person like myself can end up working in the industry I do, however, this would probably make up a month’s worth of blip babble on its own and be of no benefit to anyone but myself, so I’ll spare you that particular area of self-analysis.

Today, I achieved something that I have been working towards for over the best part of a year and that was to run a sub 25-minute 5k. For a lot of runners, this may well spark comments along the lines of “piece of pi$$ mate”, “I could walk it in that time, granddad” and so on, but for me, for whom running has been an obvious metaphor and something of a salvation, it’s a marked moment in time and clocking in at 24.24, the very rare achievement of a self-imposed goal.

I’ve bored on before about the physical and mental health benefits of getting out there and needing my fix of daily exercise, so won’t restate it too heavily here, but suffice it to say when there were rumblings this morning about a TOTAL lockdown, my anxiety levels did ratchet up somewhat, which probably help speed me on my way. It looks like that’s not going to be the case just yet, but in parent language, we are definitely on a final warning with the promise of the naughty step to come if we can’t behave.

My reward to myself was a bit of a nap after lunch whilst Infinity War played. I finally won the sofa back after my wee ones were safely deposited back with their mother this morning, but not before they’d absolutely rinsed their Uncle on Mario Kart over the wonders of the internet.

It’s been another lovely day and as I write this with the bright, warm sunshine washing over me, the day has one last little gift to give as a swarm of bubbles has appeared overhead, catching and refracting the light before nonchalantly being carried away on the breeze.

Stay healthy.

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