By strawhouse

In the Garden

It was gorgeous today so we made the most of the sunshine and headed out into the garden at the crack of 1pm.
We got loads done.
A second coat of paint on the fence fantastically applied by Miss E with a teeny bit of help from Miss L.
I planted some shrubs that have been sat in pots since I bought them last May. They’re half dead and properly root bound but hopefully being planted and actually watered will bring them back to life give them a new lease of life!
I did my annual clearing out the weeds and grass from between the bricks on the patio using my trusty kitchen knife. I got half of it done before my back was killing me too much.
There were worms under the compost bags (which have been sat there a year) the size of snakes. Miss L was in awe!
Miss E mowed the lawn (with Mr K trailing after her holding the cord like a bridesmaid!!)
A bit of general tidying up (us) and a lot of trampolining, cartwheeling, tree climbing and backflipping (them) and then it was time to take a break. A bath for me and a not even vaguely restful half hour for Mr K on the trampoline with the Little Misses. Hilarious!!! He has to “boost jump” them which basically involves him bouncing and them being flung off on all directions. Cue hysterical giggling!!
I did have to be a boring Mummy - all day in fact - and point out the last place we want to have to go at the moment is A&E.
Mr K bought a giant projector screen last year. I’ve never been quite sure why! Well tonight I found out!!
They’d set it up outside while I was in the bath. Comfy camping chairs and our super comfy fishing bed chairs, blankets, popcorn, nachos, bats, a beautiful moon and Trolls on the big screen.
It was AWESOME!!!!!
See extras for a shot of the audience!

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