By strawhouse

Outdoor Cinema

The days are all merging now. I’ve never been less aware of what day it is.
Except maybe at Christmas.
I saw a funny post on Facebook the other day saying the current situation is like Christmas but without the joy!
As usual I got up at about 10am, made Miss L bacon (still no eggs!!), made myself delicious avocado and mushrooms on toast, drank seventeen million cups of tea and then it was time for bed again......
Actually I did make a start on clearing the sun room, learnt how to make a cheese sauce with Miss L. Delicious and so easy, who knew?!! She had Mac n cheese and made herself salt and pepper croutons. Also delicious and easy!
And I took Archie out for a lovely walk.
And write two more paragraphs in my book. Progress has slowed somewhat!
Mr K set up the projector again and we settled down to the premier of Trolls World Tour once it got dark. I got a bit cold last night with just a blanket so tonight I had my coat, hat and scarf and a blanket. I was bloody roasting!!!
Just as we sat down I saw the news that Borris Johnson has been taken into Intensive Care.
I’m finding myself unable to cope with the thought of him dying. Nothing to do with loving him or his politics but because it’s too much, too real, too chaotic and hideous to contemplate.

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