By strawhouse


Today mostly involved sitting in the garden, drinking tea, eating toast and trying to read my book but being distracted by birdsong, butterflies, Miss L’s acrobatics on the trampoline, Archie retching his guts up after obviously eating one too many sticks, Miss E’s grumpy monosyllabic demands for food, my banging headache, the nagging feeling that I have so much to do but actually nothing to do, and my strange inability to concentrate for more than a page or two at a time.
Mostly it was lovely!
I did try and have words with Miss E who only came out of her room in the evening to snarl “is there dinner?”
No love, I thought I wouldn’t bother and you can just forage for leaves outside.
Because it’s the holidays and because life’s pretty weird at the moment I’ve been leaving her alone to do whatever she wants. But maybe too much. She hasn’t been out for over a week. Almost two in fact, blimey.
More interaction tomorrow I think!!
Borris Johnson is still in Intensive Care. With my years of expertise and knowledge I’m feeling more positive. He “made it through the night” therefore will be fine.
More Designated Survivor tonight. Kiefer Sutherland rather than Dominic Raab!!!!!
Now that’s how a president should be.......

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