By Ridgeback13

Be kind.

Quiet, focussed day. after my exercises I got straight down to work before (only!) two video meetings for the day. Both ok, but then good to have peace and quiet to get on with work uninterrupted all afternoon, accompanied by John Cage music (I'm focussing on a composer a day at the moment and enjoying exploring a mix of familiar and new music). It got sunnier through the day so after a chat with T about his garden and pond plans, and emerging funeral arrangements for Grandad (combination of live streaming and small spaced out group of close family we think), I set off for a brisk walk zigzagging the Meadows, walking on every path  to try and stack up some steps as I listened to today's daily news briefing. Lot of covering up about the PM's health given that he's being kept in hospital....hmmm.
The scaffolding had just gone up on the local abandoned cinema when the lockdown started, but it's all stopped again. So hoping this will eventually reopen as a cinema, but somehow I doubt it. At least the recent posters give the right message (and the other poster there is for a show I'd hoped to be at recently - Karine Polwart's Wind Resistance).
Zoom based knitting group meet up tonight - should be interesting!

ps enjoyed the knitting group and we managed to talk about more than the virus and the PM being in intensive care. 

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