By dreaming

A gift of love

This little pin was a gift from my father to my mother many years ago.  It has a tiny diamond in the very center, a stretch for a man who didn't really have the resources.  I inherited it when my mother passed away. and I enjoy looking at it, even though my current life offers no occasion for wearing it.  I'm blipping it today because it is World Health Day and I have no more hearts to photograph to show my love and gratitude for the first responders and medical professionals who continue, day by day, to demonstrate what true heroism looks like.

I used a grocery delivery service for the first time today and it turned out well, although fees and a tip added $12 to the bill.  By paying extra, I was able to receive my order in just one and a half hours rather than on Sunday.  Unfortunately it was packed into two very heavy bags without handles, making it very difficult for me to get them into the apartment.  And then there was all the wiping things down with Clorox wipes, and washing the perishables in soapy water, and transferring baked goods into plastic containers so I could throw out all the packaging.  And washing my hands a lot.   Now I'm well stocked and hope I am still virus-free.  So Lex, who did the same thing for herself, won't need to go to a grocery store for provisions for either me and her.  This is shopping in the time of coronavirus.

The bath aide was here today and will be back next Tuesday, so I'm feeling clean if tired.  I hope all of you had refreshing days and nights of good sleep.

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