Toward the Sky (widwed080420)

More time spent in the railway cutting and today Gill has pretty much cleared the fallen branches from the far side.  The trees which are replacing the lost ashes now have more space/light/air so hopefully they will be able to grow.   If we ever do get to own the land we will probably put fruit trees along the boundary.  In the extra, a view from a little further back,  Blackthorn and Hawthorn trees looking ok but the one on the right (with the cut off limb) is an ash which has no new growth so it has probably gone to Ash die-back.  There are two other larger ashes behind where I was standing,  one looks ok but the other is not at all healthy.   The big logs are left from a previous felling session when the current owners of the land cut down a large tree which was dropping chunks into our neighbour's garden.

Gill did most of the clearing as I was finding a fuel leak on the lawn mower - which probably explains why the garage has been smelling of petrol for the past week or so.

Thanks to Freyjad for hosting wide Wednesday on the theme of looking up.

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