Sally Mair - Loving life

By Sallymair


Didn't sleep well at all last night, Co - codamol doesn't seem to knock me out as it does others. I had tea and toast at 3.40am in the hope of distracting myself and falling asleep, didn't work and at 7am I just gave up.
Today there was a decided chill in the air so I didn't do anything in the garden. Ali popped round and left our shopping at a socially acceptable distance. We brought it in and either wiped down the packaging or removed it completely before putting it away. It was nice to see her today, and have a quick catch up at a distance. They are getting lots done in their garden too.
After lunch I made a batch of oatcakes, they are so much nicer than commercial ones, only problem is that they don't last very long. They seem to just disappear without even a puff of smoke.
I wrote something for the church magazine this afternoon, it's only coming out in eform at the moment and so does miss some people which saddens me. We're trying to stay in touch with everybody though.
We're still eating well, a pie from the freezer this evening to share, having small appetites is definitely an advantage.
Maundy Thursday today, it is a strange Holy Week this year not being in church at all.
Keep well everybody and stay safe.

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