A Day Worth Recording

By Cheeseminer

Master Longwall

Finding that, while the cast wall panels are great for the taller sections of the trackbed, they will take a while to cast enough, and a fair bit of trackbed doesn't need the full height.

Thus, I'm knocking up an additional mould that's half the height but twice the length. Simply having two wall moulds will speed things up so, lengthways, I should be running at 3x speed eventually.

But first I need a master.  Conveniently, all the 'bricks' from the last one came off the old master (actually they stuck in the rubber mould which was rather a pain at the time...), and I still seem to have enough. 

Another section of Malvern Stone wall drying on the floor.  Takes a couple of days each cast to be confident of not breaking the cast when separating it from the mould, even with liberal use of 'concrete release agent'.

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