By Stella2

Early morning views

There was lovely colours in the sky as I peeped out the curtains this morning so I quickly headed out to the estuary.  The sun was a brilliant red and rising infant of me.  As the estuary has the hills behind the sun hadn't yet fully risen so I managed to get a few quick shots.  Then it was a walk along the riverside enjoying the wonderful colours in the morning light.  I was struck by the softness of the grasses and trees in one of the extras and also the light on the trees overlooking the estuary in the other one.  As I was coming back I spotted a familiar figure heading towards me.  It was my husband who had heard me get up and decided to also come out.  He was very excited as he had spotted the first swallows by the bridge below.  After spending a little more time on the path we returned to the bridge where I was glad to see the swallows.  The tide was very high, a spring tide and the water overflowing from the river bed into the  surrounding floodplain in one area.  The usual tuft of grass in the river was submerged and a large group of grey mullet where thrashing around in the water below.  Another lovely morning walk.

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