The second half of life..

By twigs

Day 16 - Blue Ladybug

A sad day for us all as we lost our second citizen to COVID-19 - a 90 year-old lady who was in a rest home in Christchurch.  The part that saddens me most deeply is that her family and friends couldn't be with her during her final days and hours because of the fear of infection.  Utterly heartbreaking.  My heart goes out to her family and friends - rest in peace sweet lady.

It's been a quiet Good Friday - another lovely sunny day and a bit more garden tended to and sorted.  My poor ol' lemon tree is desperate for water so I decided to give it a good soaking this afternoon.  What will happen now of course is that we will get rain!  Today's soaking will help to make sure the rain - when it gets here - will get deeper into the soil where it will do more good so it won't have been in vain.

In a very odd way I am actually quite enjoying the state of being forcibly home-bound.  It's quiet, the limited resources available to 'just pop down the road to get' is meaning that creative solutions are being sought and found for many 'problems'.......which aren't really problems anyway.  Order is becoming more apparent and I'm developing a routine of sorts. And finally, I feel so incredibly fortunate that my list of needs is remarkably small.  Like many others I suspect, I've grown accustomed to thinking I 'need' x, y or z.  I don't.  I want it, but I don't need it.  New challenge - how to carry this feeling beyond lockdown.

And today's pic - a lovely wee blue ladybug who I found on my green waste bin.  I transferred him on to a sheet of white photo paper to make him stand out a bit more but I struggled to get many pics of him in focus.  At only 3-4mm long I shouldn't be at all surprised!  And just when I was getting the hang of keeping the focus on him he up and flew away.  I'm really enjoying these small encounters and challenges.

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