By strawhouse


We've had a fabulous day today in Stavanger. What a beautiful place!
The ship docked right beside the old town full of wooden white cottages originally home to workers at the many fish canning factories. Now it's full of little galleries and workshops and the fabulous little Workers Cottage museum showing one of the houses as it would have been in the 1920s on the ground floor and the 1960s on the first floor. Amazing!! (See extras)
We had a lovely wander through the cobbled streets looking at all the gorgeous buildings. Flowers everywhere and tantalising glimpses into houses and gardens. 
We went into a wonderful glass workshop (see extras) where the woman was making stained glass windows, Christmas trees and jewellery. When we were in Bayeux last year I bought a lovely glass Christmas tree so I decided to get one on the way back to the ship late. It's a collection! Miss E chose a gorgeous pendant necklace to buy on the way back too.
We also went into a potter's studio and eyed up some little pottery houses to come back for.
We walked round the lovely harbour and through the modern shopping area to get to the Valberg Tower, the original spot where watchmen watched out for fires. There was a lovely view over the town. Then we walked down Holmegate Street which is billed as one of the most colourful streets in Norway. Brightly coloured houses, cafes, shops, restaurants and bars. Amazing graffiti and street art.
We chose a very colourful looking bar - Cirkus and while the Little Misses and Mr K sat outside I ventured in and was presented with a mind-boggling beer menu (see extras) The bartender was lovely, saw my total bafflement at the menu and let me try a few before ordering. I felt very brave!!
Beer for me (a pint of Smatos from the 7 Fjell brewery for me (as the lovely bartender had explained to me the menu shows all the local microbreweries where the beers come from) , Coke for Miss L, lemonade for Miss E and ginger beer for Mr K. 
It was so fantastic sitting out in the sun soaking it all up. And my beer was delicious!
We wandered back round the harbour to the old town and picked up our goodies in the glass and pottery studios before heading back onto the ship.
Tea, cookies and ice cream sitting out in the sun on deck, some pool and cocktail action and then Gala night when we all dressed up to the nines (love Mr K in a dress suit!) and waved our napkins cheered all the kitchen and waiting staff as they paraded round the restaurant. Bonkers but fun!

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