Celebrating our own good fortune in having pleasant places to walk, offroad, just around the corner, which are not very busy at the best of times, and certainly not shortly after 7am. And a comfortable flat with a beautiful view of the castle and the changing sky, and enough natural light coming in to supply us with much needed Vitamin D.

There are aspects of the #stayhome which are irritating and sometimes anxiety provoking, if physical distancing proves difficult to achieve, but generally we (by which I mean Mr A and I) have not faced any real difficulties and pressures. We've more or less carried on carrying on. There are so many people who cannot do that, and for whom this is a truly awful time. Imagine 1000 people dying,* and all the broadcast media and the papers, for the most part, can talk about is that one politician, who was well known for his risk-taking behaviour, came out of intensive care. I'm pleased he's getting better, but *it is not the main news*.

So... Friday. Well, I carried on working, although it was supposed to be annual leave, making up for lost time. I wasn't doing anything very difficult -  just identifying potential contributors for a collective project and beginning the process, late on, of contacting some of them. And in the evening, we watched the National Theatre production of Jane Eyre, which was fabulous. Do see it if you can in the next few days (until Wednesday, I think). It put me in mind of the book Wild Sargasso Sea which I read years ago. I dug it out to reread and noted that I must have read it during the phase in my life when I would read paperback books without breaking the spine.

*without counting care homes and other deaths at home, including two deaths in a care home about 200 metres from where I took my blip.

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