Day at a Time

By Tweedy

A chicken and egg situation

My Easter tree has been decorated again. I usually put it in the hall to welcome visitors but because there won't be any this year I've put it in an upstairs room with a window to the front. I hope people out for their daily exercise might notice it. I used clippings from the apple tree and there are green leaves starting to burst out.

The day dawned damp and mild. Just the right weather for seeds - also weeds and slugs. I will try to get out to deal with the latter this afternoon. First of all coffee with friends in Edinburgh and west Wales. And the sun is coming out, there's blue sky and washing on the line.

Last night's quiz was fun. My BiL got right into role by donning a quizmaster's bow tie. The technology worked and family in five locations took part. Our team of two, the Good Losers, was pretty well named.

Hope everyone is having a healthy weekend.

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