A Box of Love from Las Vegas

....arrived today from our youngest son and his wife.  When I opened it, I burst into tears to know that this lovely girl, whose own mother who lives NY and has been just placed in hospice, was thinking of us and wanting to cheer us up.  She is such a mensch. My own emotions have been a bit raw the last few days, probably because I am not sleeping well at night.  This was the thing that opened up the flood gates and a good cry was just what I needed.

And, I should probably mention, they were absolutely delicious.  

I am posting this a day late so the Maryland stats are up to date for 4/11/2020.   We are a state of 6 million people and our governor was one of the first to take aggressive measures to flatten the curve. 

Covid 19 as of 4/11/2020 - 
Montgomery County  1388 confirmed cases, 34 deaths 
Maryland 6968 confirmed cases, 171deaths
U.S.   499635  cases,  18,842 deaths 

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