Social Butterflies

....that's what we have become and it's so strange during this time of social distancing.  

Every month a few of us from my camera club meet at a local restaurant on a Saturday morning for breakfast.  Today we had our meet-up via Zoom and had some lively conversation for about 90 minutes.  Some of these members are quite clever and had set themselves up with some great backgrounds:  Northern Lights, the Grand Tetons, Tahiti, and Charleston.  
Tonight, as we were finishing up dinner, one of our neighbors texted us to say they were meeting outside on the street for drinks.  When we went out two of them had fire pits going at the end of their driveways across the street from each other, and we joined them in the street. Fortunately, we live on a cul-de-sac so did not have to worry about traffic.   Ultimately there were five couples all keeping at least 10-15 feet from each other, chatting away for over an hour. Strangely, we have never all been together socially before. It was great fun and I suspect we will do this again. 

Tomorrow we have another zoom scheduled to celebrate one of my husband's cousin's birthday.  

I caught this White-Throated Sparrow in the backyard today very late in the afternoon. 

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