Don?t Know Nuffink

By Mrski1

Shadow Rider

Its Friday, its my 9 day fortnight, it can only mean one thing........more time on the bike! Thankfully the weather looked pretty good, slightly foggy but the sun was trying its hardest to break through as I headed out with the intention of riding 60 miles.

I started by heading out North to the coast, which proved to be a mistake, the haar being brought inland by the wind was blocking out any sunlight making it very cold indeed, so I quickly ventured back inland and hit my next problem, a strong headwind, which would be with me during the 30 miles to a work colleagues house, where I was to build his Son's Commencal Meta 5 mtb, very nice it is too.

Once fed and watered, sausage butties :), I headed back home, deciding to take a different route, heading along road i've never been down before but in the general direction I needed to travel, its amazing what you get to take in on the bike that would normally be missed by taking the shortest route in the car.

Everything was going well, barr the slight headwind again, and I just had 10 miles to go home when I got a sudden wake up call, approaching a blind crest on a newly surfaced piece of road, an arctic lorry decided to overtake on solid lines, as he began to trundle by a car appeared over the crest, so now the lorry driver has two options, one, have a head on with the car or two, swerve back into the correct lane even though he was only half past me on my bike, naturally he chose to swerve back in, forcing me to take evasive action swerving as far left as I could onto some gravel by the road, followed by much swearing and arm waving at the idiot driving the truck, it could have been a much worse outcome if I hadn't been aware of what was going on.

Back at the house in one piece I made my 60 mile target, a quick shower and change and im off out for food and theatre tonight :)

Thank you for all the comments on yesterday's picture, its been a while since i've had something as successful as that :)

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