By scotguide

Busy bee!

It’s the time of year the Kirriemuir dumplings are growing stronger by the day! They are part of the primula family!

Frosty this morning! Brrrrr! My bleeding heart plant was nice and toasty indoors!
It has been a chilly day even when the sun did shine it was through the clouds! And a bitter wind was ablowing!

Had a great catch up with a dear friend down in south England, who had a good old yaketyyak yak!

I made a banana bread! My friends have all but fallen on the floor when I told them! I love baking but very seldom make anything! I’m always busy working!
It’s delicious all though I say this myself .....I hear my dear Mum saying self praise is no honour, :)

Drove up to my forever friend to deliver the pansies, didn’t go into the house, sat in the garden with wind blowing a hoolie & enjoyed a cuppa!

Before dinner I did Ian Waite’s Thursdays Fitsteps class online

The dumplings are from friend’s garden!

Extra is banana bread I’ll let you into a secret .......I’m a better baker than a cook! :)

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