Tricky Tuesday

I’ve been attempting to upload a blip all day, but there’s been an insistent interruption of number puzzles from a dear friend’s husband.

The thing is I actually quite enjoy doing them, so allowed myself to be distracted. One or two are highly questionable, as you can hardly see vital details. And most are not as simple as they seem on first sight. .Anyway they keep the old brain active. There are plenty if you google, eg

Don’t attempt the one blipped - it’s incomplete.

Apart from that did my first hand wash of our bedlinen (re broken washing machine). Will abandon the duvet in favour of a flat sheet and throws as the duvet is a bit of a pain to wash. Still await the Peshtemal thin towels which were due last Thursday - it did say the Royal Mail has some delays re Covid.

Another beautiful day but an even chillier wind. Unusual to have so many consecutively beautiful days in a row at this time of the year.

No tiny Tuesday entry this week :(

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