By Bella888

Gnomes are so out?

Parked in a side road in Westbourne, and immediately spotted this garden art, a teapot and all. Just a little different.

Bumped into G, A L, and we ended up having a long catch up on the Libertine (oub) terrace. First time we’ve seen L since just after he was born in November. Mr B bonded immediately, I’m useless with babies.

Started to get really cold by 3:30 so headed back to the car and chanced upon L and daughter N. Coincidentally we had exchanged texts yesterday suggesting we meet.

Got home and had to put a few layers on to warm up. A cuppa helped.

Been watching Masterchef final. Think I’ll go and watch TV in bed. Early’ish start, and Mr B off to play tennis - first time for months. Hope his knee allows him to continue.

Luckily see this fits the Wide Wednesday challenge ‘on the street’. Thanks to BobsBlips

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