Blue eggs?

A new shopping opportunity spied on today's circular walk from home. This farm must have very posh hens. Blue eggs in the supermarket are expensive.  I will buy some next time to try. 

A quiet day. I'm making very good progress through the pile of books by my bed. Made some bread rolls with the very last scraps of various bread flours and the yeast left over from the hot cross buns.   We are getting more opportunities  and time to chat with our  neighbours. The ones who are taking the freezer off our hands,  have given us an unwanted dustbin type garden incinerator and more chitted potatoes. 
Had a Zoom catch up with "the girls" from my old work.  We wondered when we would next be able to catch up round a table with a glass of wine. We thought Autumn??

Day 27
778 hospital deaths  up to 12,107. We are still behind France on the graphs but learned tonight in the daily briefing,  that France includes care home deaths in its figures. There is increasing pressure to include deaths outside hospitals. It seems our  statistics artificially low.  NW England deaths still rising, no dip in the curve for us yet.  US graph of deaths is rising exponentially. Italy is starting to relax restrictions. Shops there are opening but the public wear face masks and gloves. Rishi Sunak warned of troubled times ahead for the economy. Tim Brooke -Taylor died of the virus yesterday age 79. A 99 year old man has raised millions for NHS charities by walking round his garden on his zimmer frame. He hopes to walk round 100 times by the time of his 100th birthday at the end of the month.

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