Sorting out

Another job we definitely would never have got round to if we were not locked down. Mr P retrieved all the photo albums and boxes of loose photos from the attic. Mostly still in Pickfords boxes from when we moved.
Step 1 - get rid of the loose photos, chuck them out or put them in an album.  Did you know you can recycle new photos printed from digital files as paper but not old photos from negatives because of the chemicals in the processing. 
Step 2 -throw away all the negatives.
Step 3 buy a slide viewer so Mr P can view the 100s of slides he had forgotten he inherited from his late father. 
Step 4.  - Lets wait to see what month it is at the end of steps 1-3   I have one friend who is taking digital shots of all her old photos so she can give her children digital albums,. 
This of course took all day and will take many more days yet. I'm not yet through all those envelopes of loose photos from Bonusprint, Tripleprint Colorama, etc  remember them?
Rang Aunt M to check there was no virus in her sheltered accommodation. Relieved to hear she is safe and well

Day 28 
761 deaths in UK hospitals today , up to 12,867. The Government are finally taking notice of what's happening in care homes and is extending testing and the regular provision of PPE to them .  And to make sure residents are tested when they leave hospital before they come back in. There are some horrific tales of multiple deaths in care homes. Scotland reckon that's the source of 25% of their deaths. Matt Hancock has introduced a badge for them to wear to help them get the same privileges in shops as NHS staff.  All very welcome but very late. The ban on relatives visiting patients in hospital who are going to die is lifted. 
Oasis and Warehouse chains on the High St go into administration. Captain Tom Moore age 99 is still walking round his garden and has raised £millions. 

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