By MikeWest

Converging Parallels

Using the reflections of background trees in the pond, I framed the fallen tree leading into the woodland scene. I quite like the corkscrew effect of the upper branch of the trunk lying in the water, the length of which is exaggerated because of the wide angle lens. I'm not sure whether the lens also caused the reflections to converge towards the bottom of the image, I'll have to check next time I'm out.

I used the Velvia film simulation profile in LR which accounts for the rich colour of the mosses, grass and wet leaves. I don't often use Velvia, but it seems to suit the subject matter. By lightening between the far trees a little, I tried to increase the feeling of sunlight from above and add a perception of depth to the image. I also spent a fair amount of time adjusting the darks because of the strong contrast on a bright morning, particularly the reflection along the left hand edge.

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