"What have the Romans ever done for us?" © Python

Well! They send out food parcels.

I'd just taken collection of a veritable shipping order from Sainsbury's; more than Alice and I would spend in an average week, when a few strains of "Für Elise" impinged upon my consciousness.
T'was a box of assorted Goodies, courtesy of HM Govt.
Don't misunderstand for a nanosecond; but I'd rather they'd checked for who  needed it, rather than who was entitled to it.  I'm certainly greatful, but there's stuff aboard we never bought, llike WHITE Bread & ditto rice., Toilet Rolls, which, curiously I don't need and Gnocchi di Patate.
I can guarantee it'll ALL be used and appreciated; but I hope they aren't robbing Peter to pay Paul; seeing the source of the Apples, which, BTW bloke, will be either eaten or added to a Smoothie.

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