Tigger's Takes

By Tigger101

"Shadow ..... what shadow?"

"Your shadow silly!"

"Where is it ...... I can't see it?"

"It's behind you!"

"Oh no it isn't!"

"Oh yes it is ..... you're looking up instead of down!"

"I still can't see it!"

"You had better get your eyes tested then!"

A little light relief is needed to day ..... hope this makes you smile!

Eldest Son went to the fracture clinic yesterday ...... he is no longer 'potted' but is now 'booted' .... as it is a stable fracture they have said the boot will be better. It is more painful though ...... but he is having a swinging time on his crutches!

Eldest sister is not feeling at all well & is struggling to look after Mum at the moment ..... I have been trying to find somewhere that will take Mum for respite care for a couple of weeks if it comes to that ...... found one near here but it will cost £900 a week ...... gulp ..... that's a lot. Hoping that my niece can come up & help her mum ..... but haven't heard any more yet!

Hope your day has been better!

Stay safe everyone :-)

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