Still Miztified

By Miztified


I was getting really grumpy at home, so I took myself up the mountain to watch the sun go down. There were layers of clouds over the layers of clouds, and the wildflowers are resplendent after the cool, wet weather we've had. I soon felt much better!
There were more people up there than you'd find on the average cloudy weekday - but who's to blame them, with the neighboring preserves closed. One family was enjoying a takeout meal from McDonalds - it might technically be against the current regulations to eat and drink in the park - but I can completely understand wanting to get away from home with your kids for a while.  For some reason a perfectly good paved parking area is taped off, so everybody is parking along the verges where there are no official "no parking" signs. I'm not sure I see the sense of that.

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