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Berhills Farm (Wednesday 15th April 2020)

For my government approved exercise I undertook a variation of the standard river walk and began from the vets, where I had walked to pick up another batch of antibiotics for Smokey, who is improving but still has some kidney infection. I walked through the Town Gardens to Beaches Terrace and on to the Wharf, where a swan was ruling its domain. Castlefields Park was thick with dog walkers (mostly with dogs off the lead, contrary to the signs) so after pausing to look at the ducklings on the canal (see 1st Extra), I felt obliged to use the wider path that joins up with the old railway track.
There is no exit from this path until it reaches Black Dog Halt next to the A4 which would make it far longer than the permitted exercise hour, so I clambered over a fence that led down to the River Marden (see second Extra), but unfortunately on the wrong side, so I had to backtrack to an old cattle bridge, and up to Berhills Farm, from whence this local landscape was taken.
You can see the River Marden winding across the centre of the frame with its lone walker, and behind it the Bowood Estate up to the horizon. There are footpath walks there I would like to visit but to get to the start would involve a short car journey or bus ride, apparently not permitted (although empty buses pass by every 20 minutes?).
I returned through the Curzon Park estate and got home at 1330 hr, an hour after leaving the vets.
With thanks to Freyjad for hosting Wide Wednesday.

16.4.2020 (1103 hr)

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Government Approved Exercise, 15 April 2020 (Flickr album of 23 photos)
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Lozarhythm Of The Day:
The Byrds - You Don't Miss Your Water (Until Your Well Runs By) (recorded 15 April 1968, Columbia Studios, Los Angeles CA)
When the Byrds prepared for their next album, Sweetheart Of The Rodeo, only Roger McGuinn and Chris Hillman were left in the group, and when Gram Parsons was recruited into the band he quickly steered them away from Eight Miles High territory and towards country music, which was deeply unpopular with their natural audience and was associated with rednecks and Republicans. By the time the album was released, Gram Parsons had left again to form the Flying Burrito Brothers, and the Byrds were being savaged by critics and audiences alike. Furthermore Gram Parson's previous label were trying to sue the Byrds to prevent him appearing on the album. Only a couple of his vocals survived, the rest being replaced by Roger McGuinn's.
You Don't Miss Your Water was a William Bell song from 1961 which Otis Redding had recorded for Stax Records in a soul style, but which was transformed by Gram Parsons into country mode with the help of session players on pedal steel guitar and banjo on this day in 1968. This is the original Gram Parsons vocal that was finally released in 2003.

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