A day in the life

By Shelling


I looked at a house nearby that is for sale, one that I can possibly afford. It doesn't happen often and despite the fact I don't need to move until next year, I can't let go of any chances of finding a new home before that. I do love the place I'm living in now and I hope to spend the year finding something I feel equally good about, something permanent.

I'll have to think about this house for a few days, it wasn't love at first sight but it has lots of plus-values to it. It also has quite a lot of expensive minus-signs of course, which is usually the case. I'll try to make my mind up during the weekend.

I want to show you one of the plus-values though. It has the most wonderful earth cellar I've seen in a long time. Wonderfully built, dry, cool and with a healthy feel to it. It's constructed of local lime stone placed in an arch, like you would build a stone bridge. Beautiful. 
Maybe I could buy that on its own?

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