Pictorial blethers

By blethers


There's quite a bit of learning going on in our lives just now - not just mine, as I realised today. We began with a bit of learning the limitations of zoom conferencing - in this case for church - when it comes to including music in the online services. Some people have admitted to feeling inhibited when it comes to belting out hymns on their own, because although everyone can hear the accompaniment and the lead voice (mine, because I live with the accompanist, but everyone else's mic is muted) they can't hear the rest of the group. We'd wondered if we could add one more voice, but at the moment it's not happening. At least we tried ...

Worn out by thinking about it, we did our usual thing and went out for a walk. We were heading home again when we saw this shepherd in a field with his dog, doing that wonderful thing with the flock in obedience to the odd whistle and word of command. We've seen him before; we've stopped for a chat on more than one occasion. But suddenly I noticed there was something different: two tiny black and white puppies, sticking closely to their master, gazing at the wheeling flock as if in admiration. When they were allowed, they went off on a little sprint after a couple of deviant sheep, but their wee legs didn't quite reach the required speed. It was a joy.

And my last learning occasion? I spent some time examining Mr PB's hair clippers, reading the instructions before watching a video or two of women cutting their own hair with clippers. The second one made it look easy, but I have my doubts. But lockdown for another three weeks at least will take me way past my bearable time between haircuts. I suspect I may need a pair of thinning shears as well (I've ordered them). 

I'll keep you posted ...

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