By strawhouse

Garden Cinema

I’ve felt a bit blugggh the last few days not doing anything useful so today I was determined to do a bit more.
So I got up at 9am rather than noon, put on a load of washing, unloaded the dishwasher, loaded it again and turned it on (how much crockery are we getting through?!!) hoovered and washed the kitchen floor, and the most pressing job of all, sorted the fridge. It’s been stressing me out that it’s so rammed and disorganised and you can’t get to anything.
Everything going on in the world and I’m stressed by the fridge!!
I emptied it completely, washed it all out inside, took out the shelves and washed those too, sorted the food ( I was sure half of it would be out of date and manky but apart from a mouldy bag of carrots and a packet of sausages one day out of date but that doesn’t count so we’ll eat them anyway!!) it was all OK. See extras for my lovely clean fridge!!
I felt so much better!!!!
After lunch - bacon sandwiches - I took my laptop outside to see if I could write my book out there. Not really! The sun reflected on the screen too much and the birdsong was beautiful and distracting. I kept just staring off into space!
So I gave up and got the lounger out for an afternoon reading. Still distracted by the birds and the clouds and the vapour trails which are now fascinating by their rarity.
And the incessant bouncing of the chuffing trampoline!!
The cinema was set up in the garden again tonight for Jumanji: The Next Level.
It was so fantastic!!!!
Hot chocolate, Popcorn, tea, bats, Archie silhouettes on the screen, stars.
I loved it!!
It was absolutely freezing though. Last time I was too hot with a hot water bottle so I didn’t bother. Big mistake!!!

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