By strawhouse

Evening Walk

Having been so pleased with myself the other day, cleaning the fridge and doing something useful before lounging around for the rest of the day I decided to do the same today.
But then I got into writing my book and before I knew it the clock said noon and I was still in bed!!
I did potter around for a bit downstairs, cleaning and tidying the kitchen. Again!
Then it was time to get out into the garden!
I set up the umbrella, got my lounger out of the garage, poopascooped, went back and forth getting things from the house which I’d forgotten - tea, my book, sunglasses, manoeuvred the lounger into the perfect spot - sun on my legs but not my face, and went to sit down.
My bottom was still mid-sit when Miss E appeared out of nowhere and asked would I like to watch the first Jumanji film with her. Not the actual first one but the new first one!
She asked so nicely and was clearly so keen for me to join her that obviously I said no go away I want to sit in the sun.
Ha ha!
Obviously I said yes! I hardly see her in the daytime so any excuse.
It was lovely! We snuggled up to watch it and I loved it!!
I enjoyed both the films so much more than I was expecting. I think I’d muddled them up with the old Jumanji which, at the age of 21, wasn’t really aimed at me and I thought was stupid and annoying!
An hour or so in the garden afterwards and then a walk with Archie before it got dark.
And that was day seven million of lockdown!

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